Welcome misafir1!

I’ve been writing posts since November 2015 about Linux, FOSS, bare-metal servers and cloud computing. If you are addicted to FOSS, follow me with the RSS link, and if you know Turkish, follow a blog that is called Linux Kafası. Currently not an active place, but I have planned series of actions to make the site live, again.

System Administrator

I’ve worked with small to medium size usually single node systems to provide internal or customer faced services. Mostly systems are in major cloud providers. As an administrator, I need to make sure that everything is in good shape with automation tools like Ansible, Terraform or shell scripts.


I am not a DevOps Engineer nor anybody in the field. I follow practices such as The Twelve-Factor App and Principles of Chaos Engineering to improve the user experience.

That’s it.

Coding Journey

Started with Python 3 with reading a book about Programming with Python in early 20142. The book was published in Turkish; therefore, I have missing knowledge about terminology of programming especially object oriented programming. I moved on PHP since I didn’t work with Django — I didn’t even set it up on my MS Windows computer. At the same time, I opened a GitHub account because everybody is using it, and I was curious. Failed a few times when I want to contribute some repository like a new kid on the block.

I met with Ruby after PHP and Symfony because of Ruby on Rails, and I fell in love with it due to its Don’t Repeat Yourself principle. After that moment, I looked Docker and Kubernetes, and I used them in production for my open-source projects.

I no longer write or develop software, but rather, I communicate with developers to improve their code to meet with system requirements.

Too Long; Didn’t Read

I used to use Ruby.

Extra: When I say “It s*cks”?

I hate to be unfair since I know developing something is not easy as piece of cake; therefore, I hate to say “it s*cks”. For example, I hate to write JavaScript because:

  • Official name is EcmaScript. Heck? So, why aren’t we call EcmaScript?
  • Browser version of JavaScript != Server version of JavaScript
  • Everybody runs their own JavaScript implementation and style guide
  • Weird things – JavaScript, The Weird Parts by Minko Gechev

I could also add C#, Java, Oracle DB, Azure, Google Cloud Platform in here, but who cares, right?

Amateur photographer

Well, I don’t share photographs on a social media account.

  1. Misafir on Cambridge Dictionary ↩︎

  2. I’ve found many small programs which have written in Python in 2014 June. ↩︎